Fort Worth Low Cost Home Elevators

There is a lot of options to choose from when searching for the perfect residential elevators. The drive system and movement of the elevator cabin define the types of residential elevator systems available on the market. Cable-driven home elevators are usually the least expensive options, while pneumatic elevators are usually the most expensive ones. Hydraulic, traction, and chain-driven elevators are in the mid-range cost.

No matter the type of drive system, there is a wide range of residential elevator styles in varying sizes. Here, we list the Fort Worth low cost home elevators in the market.


Savaria offers different models of the home elevator. The Zenith and Infinity are 2 of the 6 models that can lift up to 1,400 pounds. The Eclipse elevator is one of the best-selling options and can lift up to 950 pounds, while the Eclipse HD can lift more weight. The other 3 lift mechanism options include Hydraulic, Overhead Cable Drum, and Cable Drum.

Some of the Savaria models require a hoistway, while some others don’t lift with a much household footprint. The brand offers a 3-year parts warranty, though there many are listed as exclusions.

PVE Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

PVE is one of the leaders in the development of home pneumatic elevators. This brand has been around for about 20 years, and they have a reputation for designing eco-friendly and dependable home elevators that use advanced pressure propulsion. If you are looking for luxury residential elevators that are quieter than other types, this is an ideal option. PVE also takes up less space, looks better, and is faster to install. PVE provides 3 different configurations with a maximum lift capacity of about 525 pounds.

Easy Climber

This brand has a simple goal: to make home elevators so affordable that almost anyone can have access to it. While it may not be aesthetically pleasing, it will get you from floor to floor affordably and safely. Plus, each climber features a design that will work with a variety of decors. It is also one of the most affordable home elevators on the market. Installation of the elevator is also fast, and you don’t need any major construction.

Symmetry Luxury Redefined

This brand produces high-end residential elevators for those with the house and budget to accommodate this machine. They are quite expensive, but you will see every dollar expressed in the quality of the finished product of the home elevator. We love the dependable and smooth hydraulic drive. The residential elevator can also cover up to 5 stories, and we can ensure it looks like it came with the house. Symmetry Luxury is also rated to an excellent 1,400 pounds.

Fort Worth Residential Elevators

At Ascend Additions, we want to ensure every client is an informed and satisfied customer, starting from the moment you buy residential elevators in Dallas to the day when our expert elevator installers come to your home. And the products listed above are some of the best Fort Worth low cost home elevators. For more information about why you should choose us when searching for an elevator and stairlift installation companies in Dallas TX, contact us today to speak with an expert.

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